Believe it or not, we started as a small bakery over in Fort Lee, New Jersey called Parisienne. Since 1990, we have been bringing to customers what we still cherish. Fresh hand made products. Although Parisienne is still live & well, we wanted to expand to a more broader audience. What can we do to survive Manhattan? What do we need to do to satisfy New Yorkers? Welcome to Cafe Zaiya.

At Cafe Zaiya, we love to do so many different things. This is for the people who want to visit us every day and leave with a different experience every time. We have an infinite amount of combinations that you can make so each and every meal that you enjoy will always be different.

As of 2008, we are proud to say that we have two more locations open in New York City. This way, wherever you are, whom ever you are with, you can come visit us anytime. Please make sure to frequently check on us as we are constantly bringing out new products for your pleasure.

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