The Best Mother’s Day Strawberry Shortcake in NYC


Café Zaiya is celebrating Mother’s Day 2017 with the sumptuously delightful Mother’s Day strawberry shortcake. The vanilla sponge is fluffy, light, and melts in your mouth. The whipped cream wakes up every taste bud on your tongue. The fresh strawberries are dainty yet powerfully sweet and tart at the same time. The balance of flavors makes this cake the one to beat in New York City. Wouldn’t you want to present your mother with this special treat from Café Zaiya?

Café Zaiya has a cake for every occasion. For the most important day of the year in honor of the most important woman in your life, there is nothing sweeter and more inspiring than especially baked strawberry shortcake. The six-inch variety is available at $30, while the eight-inch shortcake is being offered at $36. It’s quite a bargain really.

Despite the extraordinary goodness of Café Zaiya’s Mother’s Day special offer, there’s nothing fancy about the ingredients. Café Zaiya used only the finest flour, eggs, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla essence, and strawberry. You can be confident your mom will like it when she opens the box of Café Zaiya goodies you’ll be bringing to her on Mother’s Day.

Café Zaiya is located in Midtown & East Village. The seating areas are limited, but locals have been coming to this landmark for their favorite lunch meals. Cafe Zaiya offers affordable and flavorful Japanese bento and sushi boxes, red bean buns with authentic flavors, and various cakes for every occasion.

Roses are red, violets are blue, its Valentine’s Day at Cafe Zaiya!


What could be tastier and sweeter than Cafe Zaiya’s baked goodies this month of love? Only a week away before V-day and love is in the air. Surprise your sweetheart with wide variety of cakes from this Japanese bakery. Nothing is more fun, fresh and yummier than this!
From teddy bears, balloon, to flowers, Valentine’s Day means sweet stuff. But of course it is not complete without a heart shaped cake. This year Cafe Zaiya is presenting three festive products that can complete your February 14 celebration. Definitely cupid will struck your heart with love for taking these sweets home.

Valentine’s Day special strawberry short cake
The special heart shaped short cake with strawberries is simply to die for. This cake is gorgeous, elegant and delicious. The strawberries take the center stage and this would be your favorite valentine cake of all time.

Hazelnuts chocolate mousse
Enjoy the happiness and love with friends and family by serving them chocolate mousse with hazelnuts. The creamy goodness is something special. Chocolaty and Hazel nutty rolled in one. The soft and velvety texture would capture your heart.

Pave au chocolat (Green tea & Chocolate)
Pave is cobblestones in French. In food context, this refers to square or rectangular flat piece of food. Pave au chocolat from Cafe Zaiya has two flavors – Green tea and chocolate. This is a sweet ending after a romantic dinner. It is also something to be shared with everyone.
No one should miss Cafe Zaiya’s valentine cake offerings. This year is something different as we offer indulgences – big and small perfect for the hearts day. Hope this will become a tradition for you.

Cafe Zaiya Launches 2 seasonal classics – Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie


The unofficial start of the season is marked by a lot of things and one of them is the smell of cinnamon. Just in time for the holidays, Cafe Zaiya launched seasonal classic pies – two fan favorites Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. For those looking to bring home something unexpected for dinner, these pies would work their magic.


Available at Cafe Zaiya, the Apple Pie is made with granny smith and fuji apples. All apples used were checked for quality to ensure strong flavored and delicious pies. The great combination of sour and sweet flavor make this pie a true desert winner. Compared to their last year’s Apple Pie, Cafe Zaiya made sure that the pie has much richer flavor. Planning to take this home? Warm it up using a microwave and top it up with your favorite ice cream.


Another favorite is the Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin or Kabocha is very popular this season. This has a sweet taste and a texture of sweet potato. In Japan, they used this as a side dish or add on their soup. It is also a common ingredient in tempura. For this pie, the pumpkin is steamed with brown sugar and orange peel. The method raised the flavor of the pumpkin. Plan to share it with friends or family at home? Add whipped cream on top to complete the deal.
A slice of pie costs $3.75 and a whole pie is for $28. Get your apple pie and pumpkin pie fix. Order your thanksgiving pies today.

Cafe Zaiya Extends Our Menu Bringing Famous Kyoto Coffee


Café Zaiya, a known café in New York City, is excited to announce that we will bring Japan’s best secret and that is coffee. The beans of the new coffee are coming from Ogawa Coffee, Kyoto Japan. Zaiya Coffee is available by October 1, 2016. The launch of this coffee reinforces the commitment of Ogawa Coffee to bring to the world incredible tasting drink from the Kyoto, Japan.
The Zaiya Coffee is made from finest beans and roasted meticulously to perfection. All beans used are imported from Kyoto and roasted in the country. This is an artisan coffee crafted using high quality beans.

The Zaiya Coffee is composed of 3 major coffee beans namely 50% Brasil, 30% Guatemala and 20% Ethiopia. Brasilian coffee has bitter taste like dark chocolate and has a round texture. Guatemala coffee has citrus sour taste and has a sweet after taste. Ethiopian coffee has a mix of soft jasmine and spicy taste. Combined them all together and you will get high quality medium roasted coffee that combines “bitter”, “sour” and “sweet”.

About Ogawa Coffee
Ogawa Coffee are coffee artisans from Kyoto, Japan, dedicated to the pursuit of coffee perfection since 1952. They opened their flagship shop in Boston. Over the years, they have developed an approach in making good coffee.

Experience the goodness of Hotel Bread from Cafe Zaiya


Japan is not just known for their sushi, but it is also the home of the best bakers that create excellent bread. One of its best-kept secrets is their hotel bread. The bread is a staple in Japanese bakeries and cafe. In fact, if you visit this country, every street has a bakery that sells this delicious creation.

What is a hotel bread? It is not the same as the ordinary white bread. Milk and cream are two of its notable ingredients making it so rich and soft. Nothing can be compared to the feather texture when pulled apart in the middle. It has soft and smooth texture perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea. The delightful goodness is just waiting for butter, and all is set for that perfect breakfast or snack. All you need is your good old oven to heat it up.

The good news is that there is no need to go to Japan and have this quality bread. Cafe Zaiya is offering hotel bread for only $4.25. It is one of our daily loaves that is worth your money. Want to know the secret of this perfect bread? It is all about the ingredients and the recipe that would make you want more. Nothing makes a better toast than this hotel bread.