Enjoy the spirit of summer at Cafe Zaiya


Summer means a lot of things. It could mean heading out to the beach and enjoying the sun. This is also the time to go to the park and create memories. For most people, it’s about tasting the exciting flavors the season has to offer. For Café Zaiya, it is about creating fun and fresh ideas beating apple caramel, corn dogs, cotton candy and other summer comfort food that you can imagine.

Two worlds, East and West, are set to collide this summer as Café Zaiya is holding its traditional fair. They are serving items that combine eastern and western recipes. The event will happen from July 7 to August 31. It is more than a month long of celebrating summer season.

Café Zaiya is adding two great items on their menu for a limited time.

Coffee Jerry is a product collaborated with Ogawa Coffee from Kyoto, Japan. It is a new treat that will make you taste the creaminess and coffee at the same time.

The Cup De Cake is also served but it is given a summer twist. Taste fresh fruits this summer.

Beat the summer heat and hang out at Café Zaiya. There are also other exciting items on the menu that will surely make you become a regular customer.

Stay Cool with Shaved Ice


Shaved ice…it’s one of the best things in life. According to history, it goes way back to Roman Emperor Nero who sent his worker to gather snow then he added some fruits and honey. This might sound odd but it doesn’t matter because we love this sweet treat.

Shaved ice is made from ice that was finely shaved using a machine that utilizes blade. It is not made up of crushed iced like a slush drink. It actually resembles a snow cone but it is much flavorful because the syrup in a snow cone settles at the bottom. On the other hand, the shaved ice and flavor blend nicely together.

In a nutshell, it is ice that has a shaved texture. It is known by some names like Snow Balls and Shavers. The texture of the ice allows the flavor to get fully absorbed. It makes each bite a party in the mouth. The fine shavings of ice are totally soaked by the flavoring of your choice. It is not too compact and not too fluffy. It is just perfect. The texture of the ice melts in your mouth quickly. Craving for one?

Invite your friends and love ones to visit Café Zaiya. Choose from four flavors – Green Tea, Mango, Black Sesame and Strawberry. Enjoy this flavorful and cool treat.

Pure and sweet heavenly goodness in a cone


Everybody’s favorite ice cream has level up. It is no longer just an ice cream. Soft serve ice cream is becoming popular. This new craze has the same ingredients like a regular ice cream but it is created by a machine to produce a smoother texture. The swirl treat has more air which gives it as a ‘soft side’ compared to the traditional kind.

There is a never ending creaminess with a touch of flavor of your choice. Certainly it demands to be licked. The luscious texture gives a comfort and satisfaction to those who want to indulge.

Cafe Zaiya is serving cones with perfect swirls that go around and around. Choose from green tea, black sesame or combination of green tea and black sesame. The heavenly goodness is available starting May 30, 2016. Surely it will become an addiction cone after cone after cone…

Café Zaiya Captures Real Meaning of Summer!


In Japan, summer is a time to see colors and the seasonal fruits brought everything to life. In the effort to capture the sweetness of the said country during this time of the year, Café Zaiya has created three must try sweets. All of them have fruits of the season as a main ingredient. Everything will be so alive in the early summer fair hosted by the restaurant.
For the delight of everyone’s taste buds, three new products are launched and can be enjoyed for two whole months.

  • Oishi jelly. The name says it all. It is made of fresh grapefruit.
  • Cup de cake takes fruits in a whole new level. Various fruits are combined and filled with sweet elements.
  • Summer Danish is perfect with ice cold drink. It is delicious pastry topped with refreshing fruits.

For those who love fruits, it’s time to enjoy them in a whole new way. Early summer fair runs from May 2nd to June 30th.
Experience these three sweet offerings by visiting Café Zaiya.



RAMEN PAN is first collaboration product of Café ZAIYA and Naruto Ramen. Naruto Ramen is one of the well-known Ramen brands in NYC. We worked together to create Ramen Pan. It is the first innovative product by Japanese Bakery master and Japanese Ramen master in NYC. The product will be launched the Japan Festival which will happen in Boston. Take note that they will serve only 50 Ramen Pans so be there early if you want to try this exciting product.

ナルトラーメンは、ニューヨークに4店舗を構え、このラーメンブームの先駆けとも言える人気のラーメン店です。そのラーメン職人とZAIYAがタッグを組み共同開発した「ラーメンパン」が、ボストンで開催されるJapan Festivalにて販売されます。50個の限定販売となりますのでお見逃しなく!

Japan Festival BOSTON
4/24 (Sun) 11am- 6pm
Location : Boston Common, Vendor name: Naruto Ramen

CAFÉ ZAIYA : zaiyany.com, Naruto Ramen : narutoramenex.com
CONTACT, About more information : ZAIYA PR desk : info@zaiyany.com