Enjoy the spirit of summer at Cafe Zaiya


Summer means a lot of things. It could mean heading out to the beach and enjoying the sun. This is also the time to go to the park and create memories. For most people, it’s about tasting the exciting flavors the season has to offer. For Café Zaiya, it is about creating fun and fresh ideas beating apple caramel, corn dogs, cotton candy and other summer comfort food that you can imagine.

Two worlds, East and West, are set to collide this summer as Café Zaiya is holding its traditional fair. They are serving items that combine eastern and western recipes. The event will happen from July 7 to August 31. It is more than a month long of celebrating summer season.

Café Zaiya is adding two great items on their menu for a limited time.

Coffee Jerry is a product collaborated with Ogawa Coffee from Kyoto, Japan. It is a new treat that will make you taste the creaminess and coffee at the same time.

The Cup De Cake is also served but it is given a summer twist. Taste fresh fruits this summer.

Beat the summer heat and hang out at Café Zaiya. There are also other exciting items on the menu that will surely make you become a regular customer.