Zaiya’s summer sweets!

Summer has just begun and we can feel the heat. The coming season could mean a lot of things from scorching sun, hot nights, and of course cool sweet treats. For anyone born with sweet tooth, Café Zaiya is the place to go to get your hands on some trendy and sweet desserts. Pick your favorites from Café Zaiya’s summer sweets offerings this 2017.


Soft serve ice cream
Choose between soft serve or your regular ice cream, you will surely love the first one. These days, soft serve found in Café Zaiya is not just vanilla. The airy and light texture comes in various flavors of matcha and black sesame. You can also go for mix of the two flavors. A soft served ice cream only cost $4.5.


Shaved ice
This dessert has become popular in New York City. Café Zaiya has added this in their frozen desserts category. This Asian inspired dessert is getting popular. The fluffy texture of snow gets covered with exciting flavors. You can also add the creaminess of ice cream. For $8, choose from green tea, black sesame, mango, strawberry or peach. Add $2 to add ice cream


Bubble tea
This summer staple is one of the best finds in Café Zaiya. Tea and milk combined added with chewy tapioca pearls. It is an ideal choice to beat the heat. Pair the drink with tasty grub from the menu. Bubble tea will not get any better than this.