Are you a restaurant owner or small café entrepreneur? You probably need a reliable supplier of fresh bread. The solution is Zaiya, a company that offers high quality choices of bread for very affordable price. The company is composed of dedicated workers who are committed to creating traditional bread and pastries.

Currently the company owns Café Zaiya in Manhattan and the historical Japanese bakery Parisienne Bakery in New Jersey. Our present customers range from various states – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. All products are handmade with skills, love and best ingredients. Aside from all-time favorite bread recipes, we are also creating other delicious innovations.

The company is striving to be consistent and reliable to meet your business needs. In the end, the bakery is creating soulful and healthy products. All kinds of bread are being created daily – 365 days in a year.

Looking for large assortment of bread? Talk to us today about wholesale inquiries and we can help your business.


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